Sunday, 7 November 2010

Blogs I adore.

I'm a huge fan of blogs and I follow almost every single one I come across of, some of them, I believe deserve more attention.

hughforte - this guy photographs engagement, travels, personal, portrait and my favorite, weddings. His photographs are amazingggg.

sproutedkitchen - a blog about food. Enough said. You can find so many recipes on there and her boyfriend, the one above photographs the food while making it, everything looks so clean and delicious.

karlascloset - i really like the way she combines materials and colors..

colormekatie - everything on this blog makes you smile, it's the most colorful blog I ever saw. Plus, her photographs are beautiful.

thestylerookie - it's Tavi. 

readingmytealeaves - i can't really say why i'm so addicted to this blog, but it's just so cosy..

seaofshoes - her style is so different to any other blogs and i love that.

1 comment:

  1. U have a realy cutie blog :) I love it!
    I've been to colormekatie which U suggested, U have a great "taste" girl ;)

    visit my blog if U want U can also stay in touch with it via facebook, twitter or bloglovin :)