Friday, 22 October 2010

Yu Tsai: Genius

Yu Tsai is amazing. He has a directing style and signature photography, a great understanding of fine arts and film and is a genius in the fields of design and color.
Yu is definitely an insparation not only to me but many people.

Women love Yu Tsai. His talent is undeniable. Yu Tsai doesn't limit his vision to one medium - he works in both still photography & film. What makes him so lovable amongst talented photographers is his loyalty. The range of his photography is expansive - he can capture the expensive and glossy side of a model, as well as the intimate and natural side of their beauty. And when he establishes a rapport with a model, he deepens that relationship by working with her continously. This depth allows him to penetrate beneath a models shell, and capture the woman within. Currently, Yu Tsai is working on a series with Women, capturing the classic beauty of WOMEN.

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